Choose with your children their favorite topics from an extensive list: Party fairy tales for girls, Master Chef

with sugar dough, comics super heroes, pirates, princesses and knights, Snow White and the Dwarfs,

Smurfs, Mini and Mickey mouse, Spiderman, SpongeBob, Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake,

and private girl parties and much more …

Although the Birthdays are very dynamic and include all participants, the main focus and attention are

always centered on the birthday boy/girl, who also gets lots of love and affection throughout the animation.


Libi birthday Parties are suitable form ages 1-16

Libi entertainment services will provide your birthday with unforgettable memories, which includes

* Two high quality hours of an original, colorful, and vibrant animation

* Personal  reception of the guests with birthday songs and make-up with body art on the face or hands

  using only the most beautiful Purim or full moon colors including glitter

* Wireless and professional amplification equipment with microphone

* A rich variety of costumes for children birthday of their favorite characters

     The distribution of prizes for all children throughout the event  *

 Coronation of the birthday prince or princess *

Formation of a circle of young rhythmic tarbuka drummers *

* Extravagant carnival dances with a variety of accessories from the newest music charts updates

 Big soap bubble machine, floor matt, and decoration *

Diverse contests, tasks, songs and dances are tailored by age *

* Ceremonial birthday cake presentation with an exciting combination of blessings and surprises

* Birthday finale with sculpted shapes balloons

Other attractions:

* Helium balloons: Decoration of about 50 balloons in the ceiling, the refreshment table and a birthday chair

* Candy Bar which includes snacks, sweet skewers, Hmtzotzim, gumdrops, lollipops, Challenge, muffins,   

  serving dishes, designed maps and more…

For a quote and additional options call: 0543974516